About Us

About myself & the website

Hey guys I’m Cole. I work in IT and I’m a child at heart. I collect toys, games, and other interesting items that catch my eye. I also enjoy going out exploring the world around me for new things to find.

When not working or playing, you can find me reading comics (especially anything by DC Comics) or watching movies (especially Marvel). When it comes to food, if it doesn’t have hot peppers or onions I’ll probably like it! (Especially Sloppy Joe sandwiches, ha ha).

An updated black Optimus Prime figure extremely similar to recent Transformers movies. How cool is that? I love stuff like this especially stuff you don’t see every day.

It’s really cool to see what kind of toys, puzzles, games, and project kits exist these days as well as in days gone by. Why not share the information with the rest of the world?

That’s what I hope to do with my site. Thanks for dropping by & enjoy your stay!